Why exosome?

As messengers for cell-to-cell signaling, Exosomes carry a wealth of disease-related information. Through the leading single exosome detection technology, Secretech can mark exosomes individually and analyze them through bioinformatics technology, so as to more accurately capture the early signals of disease occurrence and establish an early warning mechanism for disease risks.

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Single exosome research protocol

Efficient exploration of exosomes is achieved by using Proximity Barcoding Assay (PBA), a patented technology of Secretech, to perform high-precision and high-throughput single exosome analysis of biological samples.

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  • pba-img Multiplex antibody recognition
  • pba-img Single Exosome Proximity Barcoding
  • pba-img High-throughput sequencing
  • pba-img Bioinformatics Analysis